December 15, 2018

Holiday Update

There is a new release of the Station Designer app.  The big feature in this release is the ability to load custom parts. This opens up possibilities for new stations designs.  Use the 120° Hub to create hexagonal stations.   Make a grappling station with the CSgtarm.  Build a refinery station with the fuel conversion plant.  The limit is your imagination!

blueprint image of 8 custom parts by Centauri Spaceworks

As a second present to everyone, Centauri Spaceworks has released a holiday part pack with two new parts:  Holiday Xmas Module and Holiday Hanukkah Module. Both parts pair nicely with the new Ion Drive part, but can be enjoyed with any of the existing parts.

Right now creating custom parts is a bit of a technical process.  However if you want to give it a try, join the Station Designer Discord.  You can find a link to the how-to there, as well as get any questions you may have answered.
Happy holidays and happy designing!