June 28, 2018

Station Blueprint Kit

Here is the release of Centauri Spaceworks Station Blueprint Kit!   This SVG comes set up to use in Inkscape to plan out your stations and ships.

The kit is based of Commander Oz's Station Designer Kit.  You can look for the style of this kit to be included CptAcheron's Station Designer App. If you are looking to plan out stations, you should check out both of these resources.

June 26, 2018

Crystal Starliner

The Crystal Starliner was a cruise ship designed to be a sister ship to the Crystal Voyager.  It included a Pod for excursions, as well as an Orion III lifeboat.  The initial prototype model was constructed in September 2017.

Despite the solid design and construction found on every Centauri Spaceworks vessel, it was it never put into mass production.  However the cabin design with four hubs and two viewing cupolas lives on as a part of the Palm Tree Hotel

June 21, 2018

Lunar Logo

Lunar domination complete!  Centauri has laser etched its logo into the surface of the moon.

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June 19, 2018

Lunar Laser

Step two towards lunar domination complete.  The space laser has been assembled outside of HOM's orbit.

Lunar laser built out of a telescope, ADS Core, two radiators, and a reactor

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June 14, 2018

Lunar LEM

The reflective markers for aiming the laser have been successfully placed on LUN.  This completes the first step towards etching the Centauri Spaceworks logo into LUN.

A SLS Core and Boosters was used to launch a LEM and Orion III towards LUN.  A Delta V second stage provided the thrust for the trans-lunar injection burn.

After successfully entering LUN orbit, the Orion III and LEM undocked.  The LEM docked and the two crew were able to complete their mission placing reflective markers. These markers will be used to help aim the powerful laser that will be constructed in the next phase.

June 12, 2018

Lunar Domination

Centauri Spaceworks is making plans for lunar domination.   The plan is to dominate the moon by carving the Centauri logo on the lunar surface. 

1. Place targeting markers on the lunar surface using a LEM lander.
2. Assemble giant space laser
3. Etch logo on the surface using the targeting markers from step 1 and the laser from step 2.

The laser is powered by a nuclear generator and has two radiators to disperse the immense heat generated by the power lunar surface etching laser.  See a rough blueprint below.

June 7, 2018

Paint Shop

In Ask Andy,  the developer of Space Agency said  "I’d like to make the parts in Space Agency more customisable from within the game. Colour schemes, graphics etc."  That led some creative employees in the part idea department to think of this fun set of modules which are collectively know as the paint shop!

The first module is the applicator head. This has nozzles for applying the paint. The second is atomizer and compressor.  It prepares and processes the paint.  The third is the control unit.

When  all three are assembled in the following configuration, they make an operating paint shop that can customize the color or apply a logo to modules within a certain distance  The one exception is the modules of the paint shop.  They have been coated with a paint resistant coating for easy clean up and therefore will always retain their stock colors.

In addition to the three new modules, the paint shop would also need a new cargo:  paint!  In order to paint modules or apply logos, the paint shop must be supplied with paint.  The applicator head has two cargo slots for paint tanks.  These paint tanks get used up (like the other types of cargo) as modules are painted. The amount of paint needed to paint a module can vary from a full tank of paint for larger modules, down to a quarter of a tank of paint for applying a logo.

June 5, 2018

Orion II

The Orion III is one of the main vehicles used by Centauri Spaceworks.  Players are also probably also familiar with the Orion Command and Service Module.  However there hasn't been much written about the Orion II.

Initially Centauri was using Apollo CSM as escape pods on its very early stations, such as Station XST.  Apollo CSM's were hard to maintain with the small target area for dropping cargo, such as O2 and CO2 scrubbers.  The service module was also fairly bulky compared to the space for human occupants.

Variations like the Apollo + Small Tug were tried on ships like the Joyceln E.  This reduced the footprint of the escape pod, but it still suffered from the maintenance problems of the Apollo CSMs.

The next step was the Orion II.  This was the same concept as the Apollo + Tug, but scaled up to use an Orion CSM and Medium Tug.   The maintenance and performance was good, however something about the look of the vehicle was off.  The large tug made the vehicle feel bulky.  Because of this visual concern, the Orion II was superseded by the Orion III  which used the smaller Heavy Tug.

escape pods from left to right: Apollo + Tug, Orion II, and Orion III
From left to right: Apollo, Orion II and Orion III

Only two Orion IIs were put into trial service.  Both were replaced with Orion IIIs prior to the host ships being launched.