September 6, 2018

Station Blueprint Designer App

This is a very exciting post.  Not only is it the 100th blog post, but it is also something that has been on my mind for a while: a station designer web app.

Commander Oz did a great job starting it off with the  Station Planner Kit. He traced out all of the Space Agency parts at scale so that you could move them around in Inkscape.  This worked really well if you knew how to use Inkscape and weren't trying to use it on your phone.

CptArcheron took this idea even further and made a station designer app that didn't require knowledge of Inkscape.  Anyone who had a computer and Java could use it.  But it still needed a computer.

Centauri Spaceworks! is taking the next step and making a web based app for designing stations.  Since it is web based it runs anywhere you have internet:  Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac.  It is touch friendly and responsive so you can use it on the same phone or table that you play Space Agency on.

Here is a demo of the app that shows the basic usage.  It shows adding and editing a few parts as an example.

There are more features that I though about adding but haven't gotten around to yet including:

  • Export to PNG/SVG
  • Power statistics
  • Bulk selection and editing

Happy editing and launching!

Launch Station Blueprint Designer