April 24, 2017

The Squidward

The Squidward is the first cargo ship constructed by Centauri Spaceworks.  The front half of the ship is the command room and two habitation modules for the crew.  The 6 modules in the middle are the cargo holds.  They ship can carry a total of 48 units of cargo

The solar panels on the rear can be used to charge the batteries, however they must be collapsed before the main engines can be used.  Each of the LK Lander Core engines holds three batteries which power the ship.

The Squidward has a forward facing enging for deceleration.  The LK Lander Core engines provide decent rotation when used in side-to-side thrust mode.

The Squidward has poor lateral motion and needs to be assisted by a tug when docking.

Update:  The Squidward is has been scrapped to provide parts for the construction of the Sea Turtle