September 25, 2019

Android App Available

It is finally here!  An Android version of Station Blueprint Designer.  It is currently in beta but you can still download it and try out.

This version comes with the Centauri Spaceworks part library built in.  You can also easily share your creations to your favorite social or chat apps.

If you have any issues or questions please join the Station Blueprint Designer Discord server.

Get it on Google Play

July 20, 2019

Grasshopper Transport

The raid on Area 51 will require a massive amount of supplies for all those narrato runners.  The development of Centari Spaceworks new Grasshopper cargo transport has come at just the right time to supply them.

The Grasshopper also has a Heavy variation for additional cargo and range.

Accessing all the cargo in the Grasshopper Heavy

  1. Stage separate the tug if not already done.
  2. Dock
  3. Unload cargo.
  4. Undock.
  5. Use the thrusters on the Orion SM to start moving toward the docking port.
  6. Stage separate the Orion SM.  The vehicle should continue moving toward the docking port and re-dock.
  7. Unload cargo.
  8. Repeat.

June 21, 2019

Lunar Laser Lost Location

The space laser that Centauri Spaceworks used to etch its logo on the moon is drifting out of position!

The space laser only has rotation thrusters that adjusted the laser as it traced out the logo.  Unfortunately, all of the rotation motion ended up inducing a slight drift in the laser's position.  Without directional thrusters to correct, it was left drifting slowly away from its original position.

A mission was launched to attach an LK Core to the space laser and return it to its original position.

PSLV rocket on the launch pad

For this launch Centauri Spaceworks used the Indian PSLV rocket.  It was able to launch the LK Core playload in HOM orbit and then transfer it to an intercept course with the drifting laser platform.

Payload approaching the drifting laser platform

Once in range, the LK Core as attached to the laser plaform.  It was then used to move the laser the 99 units back to the LRC waypoint where it was originally positioned.

laser re-positioned and aimed at LUN

February 2, 2019

No Connection? No Problem!

Station Blueprint Designer is now a fully functional progressive web app.  That means that not only can you copy it to your home screen of your phone, but you can also use it offline.  This way you can design stations anywhere you go.

App open with phone in airplane mode

January 22, 2019

Quest Chaser

There is an elite crew that goes on the most dangerous daily questions in Tiny Space Program.  This is the crew of the Quest Chaser.

Almost everyday they launch from the blue pearl in the sky that is Earth to he far reaches of the solar system.  Their mission is to complete the daily quest issued by their supreme commander, Jerry, through his computer controlled minions.  They fly in their Dragon spacecraft the moons of every planet in search of crashed meteors and broken down rovers.

Each at the end of each mission they arrive back on earth with valuable metals or parts for a new outpost.

Their standard mission load out is either 6 or 9 rover parts, depending on what how generous the government is feeling with funds.   A compressed live support packages is also brought along to insure that there is enough life support to assemble the rovers, conduct the daily quest, and gather rock samples.

Photo of the Quest Chaser crew on a mission.

January 1, 2019

New Part for the New Year

Happy New Year from Centauri Spaceworks!  

To celebrate the new year, two new custom parts have been created: corridor bend left and corridor bend right.  These two parts let you offset parts with without the sharp corners for a more streamlined appearance.

The part is just slightly larger than a large station module, but narrower than the Voyager X body.  This allows it to be launched with a standard fairing.

You can access these parts by using the Centauri Part Pack for Station Designer.