June 8, 2022

Spaceport Station

 The Spaceport Station is the main docking hub for large capital ships.  It has 8 docking ports around the large central hub.  A view dome at the top serves as the control center.

The first two ships to dock at Spaceport Station were the Genosis and Lambda Six.

They were joined by Oberon after it had finished helping to construct the jump gate network.  There is also work being done to expand to a second level.

June 1, 2022

Lambda Six

 Another Star Wars classic remade in Space Agency 2138.  This time it is the Lambda Shuttle named Lambda Six. 

The trick to getting the half solar panels is to have something blocking the way when they are powered on.  The solar panels will not fully extend when something is blocking it.  It stays that way even after the obstruction is moved.

After a brief tour of duty Lambda Six is now docked at the Spaceport Station.