November 13, 2018

Station Blueprint Designer Updates

The team at Centauri Spaceworks has been busy updating the Station Blueprint Designer app with new features since its initial release.


There were some tricks going on as the app got dressed in a new Halloween themed costume.


Snapping also had a small improvement. Now snapped docking ports are indicated by a circle with a ring around it instead of just changing color. This should make it easier to identify when a docking port is snapped.

Discord Server

There is now also a Discord server if you want to share your creations, post suggestions, be a tester, etc.


The biggest news is that the app also got a new URL: The new URL and hosting service should make for better looking tweets and easier indexing on search engines.

Future Features

  • Support for running the app offline
  • Categories for parts
  • Including custom parts such as the 3-way hub and paint shop.
  • Ability for users to add their own custom parts.